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A balanced attic ventilation system is a key component to a complete roofing system. A balanced and efficient attic ventilation system will increase the comfort of your home, lower your energy costs, and extend the life of your roof.

TruCraft Roofing is an expert in Attic Ventilation. We are happy to evaluate your existing attic ventilation and provide you with recommendations and upgrades.

Attic Ventilation is one of those areas where other contractors might try to sell you something without really knowing what it is you actually need. Make sure you call us to ensure you’re not wasting your money on a “solution” that might just create more problems.


Attic Insulation:
As Energy Efficiency is becoming more and more popular, added Attic Insulation is a place many homeowners will start. It is relatively inexpensive to add and will definitely help keep your energy costs down. 


  • In the mid-west an insulation value of R-38 to R-60 is recommended which is about 14” to 20” of attic insulation. Please call TruCraft Roofing if you would like your existing attic ventilation evaluated and increased to meet the recommended requirements for homes in this region.
  • Attic Insulation will work best when it is combined with a good attic ventilation system. If you’re attic isn’t ventilating properly then sometimes more insulation can do more harm than good. It keeps the hot air trapped in the attic and can decrease the life of your shingles.

With any roof replacement or roof repair project TruCraft Roofing will approach your roof as a Roofing System. With a Roof Replacement, we will ensure that your new roof has all of the necessary accessories and components which make up a complete roofing system. These steps ensure that you have a better, stronger, and longer lasting roof. A roofing system will also qualify you for a better warranty so your roof will remain worry-free for many years to come.


If you’re not interested in a Roof Replacement at this time and are just looking for maintenance and improvements which can extend the life of your roof, then we will still approach your roof as a complete system. We can’t always make repairs if your current roof is beyond its repairable life, but we will do our best. And again, you can trust our inspections and reports. We will not try to charge you for repairs if we know that these repairs will be ineffectual. Also, during the time of the inspection we will evaluate your roof system’s components and make our recommendations for improvements and upgrades if not immediately at least during your next roof replacement.

Metal Roofing is becoming more and more popular. It is sustainable. It is long lasting. It has a classic appeal. And there are more options than ever with materials and products.


And whether you are dead-set on a Metal Roof for your upcoming roof replacement or just curious and want to know all of your options, give us a call! TruCraft Roofing is your Metal Roofing expert. We can talk you through and explain all of your options with suggestions and recommendations.

When people think of roofs they think of shingles. From Standard 3-tab shingles to the high-end designer shingles, there is an option to fit everyone’s style and taste. A roof makes up almost 40% of your homes visual look. Most people think a roof is out of site and out of mind when in fact the style of shingle you choose and the color can make a huge difference in how your home looks.


Some people just want the roof to blend in and others are trying to make a statement. We can accommodate your style.


During the initial stages of the project we can walk you through all of the different shingle style and color options and will even bring full size sample boards to you so that you can see how the shingle will look next to your home. You might think a shingle looks amazing in a picture but kind of funny when it’s next to your brick or siding. It’s important to know that and to really have a good idea what you’re getting.

TruCraft can custom fabricate sheet metal for your project. We offer custom fabrication from the following types of material.

• Galvanized Steel
• Bonderized Steel (Paint ready)
• Kynar coated steel with 36 colors to choose from
• Aluminum mill finish
• Aluminum with kynar finish
• Copper
• Stainless Steel

Our sheet metal shop can custom fabricate just about any type of flashing. The following is a list of the most common types of roof flashing we fabricate on a regular basis.

• Perimeter edge flashing (standard)
• Perimeter edge flashing (Gravel Stop)
• Perimeter edge flashing with snap on fascia cover
• Surface mount counterflashing
• Two piece reglet counterflashing
• Expansion joint flashing
• Cap metal flashing
• Curb flashing
• Commercial box guttering
• Custom size downspouts

During a Roof Replacement is a good time to consider replacing your old gutters. New gutters really do a lot to freshen up the look of your home. New gutters also work really well. Especially, if your home has settled over time the slope of you gutters may have changed so that they aren’t draining as they were designed.

During gutter installations, we can make sure we correct any flow issues to ensure water is coming off your roof and away from your home the way it is supposed to.


And as many options, as there are for shingles and roofing materials, there are as many options for gutters!


There are different styles. There are different sizes. There are different materials.


It may seem overwhelming when you consider just how many options there are for each aspect of your roofing system. That’s why we are here. We are the experts and can help while talking to you to narrow things down and to direct you to selections that really make sense for your home.