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A question you might be asking yourself is: “Do I need a new roof?”


This is a very important question to ask. On the one hand, you may very well need a new roof! And if you know that going into the project then you can approach the project with confidence knowing you’re not wasting money and you’re doing something necessary for your home and family. On the other hand, you may NOT need a new roof. If this is the case, then you can relax knowing that your home is safe from the elements, you can begin saving for a future roof replacement, and you can consider a yearly maintenance service to ensure you’re getting the most life out of your roof.


Probably the best place to start to answer this important question is right here on our website. You can look through some possible warning signs for roofs. You can also fill out the request for an inspection. We will be happy to set-up an appointment for an inspection check your roof and see what we need to do.


Our proposal will begin with a meeting with you and with an inspection. We need to understand your wants and needs as a homeowner. We also need to inspect your roof so that we’re 100% prepared for the roof replacement project. Neither you nor we want any surprises during the course of the project. A thorough inspection will ensure that all aspects of the project have been considered.


So Thank You for thinking of us for your present and future projects. We look forward to being your premier roofing contractor for many years to come!

One of the most advantageous programs for any owner looking for the best team approach with a single point of contact comes from the Roofing Design Build program. With this program the Owner is provided a contract with TruCraft who provides an alliance with an Architect for the project design. This accelerates and streamlines the design and construction process, saving the Owner time and money, ultimately improving the project with fewer design changes required.


• Imagine the benefits of making a single phone call to a team that handles the entire project.
• From the initial conceptual drawings, budgets, permits, feasibility studies and working drawings to the actual construction and final walk through.
• An initial budget estimate reduces the risk of major overhauls of the design to fit within the budget.
• Detail and investigative work are completed up front, minimizing surprises during construction.
• The time frame is significantly reduced.
• Most important of all – Design Build gives you a single source for accountability.


With any roof replacement or roof repair project TruCraft Roofing will approach your roof as a Roofing System. With a Roof Replacement, we will ensure that your new roof has all of the necessary accessories and components which make up a complete roofing system. These steps ensure that you have a better, stronger, and longer lasting roof. A roofing system will also qualify you for a better warranty so your roof will remain worry-free for many years to come.


If you’re not interested in a Roof Replacement at this time and are just looking for maintenance and improvements which can extend the life of your roof, then we will still approach your roof as a complete system. We can’t always make repairs if your current roof is beyond its repairable life, but we will do our best. And again, you can trust our inspections and reports. We will not try to charge you for repairs if we know that these repairs will be ineffectual. Also, during the time of the inspection we will evaluate your roof system’s components and make our recommendations for improvements and upgrades if not immediately at least during your next roof replacement.

Roofing Inspection, Maintenance, and Repairs:

Yearly Service
Thank you for taking advantage of our carefree, worry-free yearly Roof Maintenance service. We will remember to take care of and inspect your roof so that you don’t have to. Once or twice a year, it is entirely up to you, we send a two man crew to inspect your roof. We will walk your entire roof making sure there aren’t any problems or issues. We will clean your roof and gutters of debris to ensure optimal function of the roof and gutter system. We will also fix any minor repairs or patch any larger problems until we can arrange to fix them more permanently. We will take pictures of any issues we find and schedule a time to return to make the repairs. We can also let you know when and if your roof will need to be replaced and work with you through that process when the time comes.

We will place your name and number on our calendar and call you each year to arrange a time for the inspection. This way you will never have to worry about your roof again. We will take care of things for you.

The service will include:
1. Inspection of roof and gutter system
2. Clear roof and gutters of debris
3. Walk the entire roof looking for issues taking photographs of all deficiencies (Loose boards, loose shingles, cracked caulk, rusting metal, chipping paint, etc.)
4. Report the findings to the customer and schedule for any necessary repairs
Service will be performed by a 2 man crew.


Repairs can be anything, gutter cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Twice a year is ideal to make sure the gutters Repairs can be anything from removing a loose nail and filling the hole with caulk to installing a new solar powered power vent to improve your attic ventilation. An inspection is an important service so that we can inspect your roof, evaluate your current roofing system, and evaluate the remaining life of your roof.


From the inspection we can create a list of recommended repairs to ensure you’re getting the most life out of your current roof.


We will not sell you something you do not need and will make honest recommendations based on the age and condition of your roof. If all you need is some caulk to fill a missing nail hole we’re not going to tell you that you need a new roof!

Gutter Cleaning is recommended at least once a year. Twice a year is ideal to make sure the gutters are clean after the Spring and after the Fall.


We also recommend that you leave this work to TruCraft Roofing, your professional roofing contractor. Climbing around on your roof can be extremely dangerous. We have the experience and the equipment to make sure the job is done safely and correctly.
Gutter Cleaning is included as a part of our yearly roof inspection service.


If all you need is a gutter cleaning, please consider also having your roof inspected. You never know what kind of issues your roof may have. Better to catch them before they turn into major problems with major expense. A couple hundred bucks now may save you a couple thousand in the future!

Yearly Roof Inspections are a recommended service. A roof inspection done by a professional roofing contractor (TruCraft Roofing) will ensure that you address issues before they become major leak repairs.

A yearly roof inspection helps to keep your roof problem free. It also helps you to know when you will need to start planning for a roof replacement. A roof replacement is an expensive project and having five years to prepare for one would be good.
A yearly roof inspection also serves to extend the life of your existing roof. When the roof is kept clean and well maintained it will perform better and last longer.

The next time you need your residential or commercial roof inspected please contact us for a roof inspection you can trust.